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Paul Keogh Architects' core value is our commitment to the highest standards of design quality and professional practice. We believe that good design adds value - to clients, end-users and the public - functionally, financially and environmentally.

Successful outcomes depend on a shared vision and pursuit of quality. PKA's thirty-year record of excellent working relationships with clients and design team collaborators is founded on our belief in the value of teamwork, bringing those who use our buildings into the process of their design.

Good design is not just about how things look: to be successful, buildings and places must be functional, durable, beautiful, and add to the character and quality of their locations. At PKA, we are pro-active in scrutinizing the key brief, site and budget objectives, and exploring the widest range of options until we arrive at the ideal solution.

PKA is resolute in applying the principles of environmental sustainability to every aspect of our work - design, construction, research and training - to combat climate change and to improve the quality of people's lives, both now and in the future.

Listed on the RIAI register of practices since 1990, the quality management system operated by PKA demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards in the quality of service we provide to our clients in the public and private sectors.