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Church of Our Lady, Ballyboden

Dating from the early 1970s, the Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel was perceived as past its sell-by date when PKA was appointed to undertake a major internal remodelling of the interior in spring 2012.

Widespread consultations were undertaken with the parish clergy and council to draw up a list of priorities and a vision for the proposed remodelling – essentially to improve the overall presentation of the church interior, so that it was less cluttered, and more welcoming, more prayerful and more appropriate liturgically.

Following completion of PKA’s preliminary designs, a formal submission was made to the Diocese building and finance committees, prior to the work commencing on site in July 2013. Construction was carried out over a three month programme – phased to allow the church to remain open – and handed-over on time and on budget in October 2013.

PKA were responsible for every aspect of the design, detailing and overseeing of the remodelling – including upgrading the sanctuary, lighting, flooring, decoration and colour scheme – plus the design and commissioning a range of new altar furniture, manufactured in Kildare from European walnut.

A further additional priority was to improve the entrance to the church; creating a new porch and incorporating a number of stained glass panels donated to the parish by the distinguished artist Desmond Carrick.

Client: Ballyboden Parish

Value: N/A

Size: 460sqm
Reference: Fr. Flor O’ Callaghan
Design: 2012
Completion: 2013